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About Adipex

Adipex-P® (generic Adipex - Phentermine Hydrochloride) commonly known as simply "Adipex" is a diet pill made by Gate Pharmaceuticals (now a Teva Pharmaceuticals subsidiary). The diet pill is normally used as a stimulant for weight loss, (as amphetamine) by suppressing one’s appetite and increasing on their energy. Together with exercise and a healthy diet, the results are quite effective and significant. In this article, we are going to look at how one can buy Adipex online.

How to buy Adipex online

Purchasing Adipex online was simple and legal up until year two thousand and five. Doctors at the time were allowed to prescribe the diet pill to online users without having to physically meet them for head to head consultation. It was generally based on internet questionnaires. Once someone had answered the questionnaire and paid for the "virtual" consultation, they could just order the diet pill online and wait for it at home. The prescribed Adipex was basically manufactured in the USA and taken from real pharmacies.

In 2005, new regulations implemented saw online prescription of the diet pill become illegal; one must now have to undergo a physical consultation with a medical practitioner for them to get an Adipex prescription. Any website purporting to be selling Adipex online with no prescription is illegal. By ordering from such a website, you will be ordering for a fake product.

It is, however, possible to purchase the pill online, if you have a prescription.

With a prescription from a qualified practitioner for Adipex, online pharmacies are allowed to sell the diet pill to you. Just visit your ideal online pharmacy and follow their due process i.e. filling in on your personal details and number of your prescription for you to be able to finalize on your purchase.

For those with no doctor prescription on Adipex, you may not be in a position to purchase the diet pill online. However, does recommend the non-prescribed alternative, Phen Caps that is designed to offer same results as Adipex, without the need for a prescription. Phen Caps is basically a dietary supplement thus can be legally sold online without the need for a prescription.


The Adipex diet pills are not however for just anyone who is trying to lose weight. They are generally prescribed only to people who are quite overweight and diet and exercise alone has failed to yield results. The diet pill is typically a prescription for the people in "obese" BMI range. It is quite essential for those in this category to shed some weight. Staying in this "obese" BMI range can result in life-threatening health matters, e.g. high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and many other conditions.

Adipex is also not a magic pill, thus significant and on time loss of weight will only be achieved with a general change in lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and regular effective exercise. Adipex can only help initiate the change, by suppressing one’s appetite and encouraging exercise through the higher energy levels, but it is not the lifetime solution.

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