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Phentermine is a drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration as a medication used for weight loss. The drug works by stimulating the hypothalamus found in the brain that interferes with some neurotransmitters which results in appetite reduction. The use of this drug is supplemented with exercise and diet in the treatment of obesity. Obese people are vulnerable to high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol. Phentermine is a temporal weight loss drug that is linked chemically to amphetamines likely to be misused. The drug is categorized under controlled substances, and its purchase without a prescription is illegal. It is only supposed to be used for genuine medical reason determined after thorough screening by a qualified doctor. Phentermine isn`t an illegal drug; it is only a controlled drug that requires a prescription from a specialist to confirm that the patient underwent a medical checkup before settling for Phentermine. The purchase of Phentermine online is controlled by the government. The regulations help in the prevention of abuse that can lead to addiction making one a slave to the drug. However, there are hundreds of online stores where you can buy Phentermine. These stores offer online consultation not considered genuine as there are no check-ups performed. The consultation involves filling a questionnaire that gives a general overview of your condition. As a result, one might end up receiving the wrong dosage that will not serve the right purpose. The drug is regarded safe only to them that have a prescription. Besides, one will only be advised on the right dosage of Phentermine after careful and critical examination by a qualified practitioner. Another advantage of purchasing Phentermine after a prescription is because the doctor will also offer guidance on things to do during the medication for effectiveness and also on what not to do. A good example is that patients on Phentermine ought not to smoke, take other medications or drink alcohol. There are many benefits of buying this drug online after prescription. Online purchase presents the best prices as one can compare different stores and choose which store to buy. Most of these online stores offer great discounts and saves both time and money. It is highly advised to buy the drug from legitimate and trusted stores so as to avoid expired medicines or the wrong type of medicine for the different purpose. The drug has helped a great number of people with obese conditions. The side effects associated with Phentermine include; restlessness, tremors, mouth dryness, sleep disorders, diarrhea, constipation, hyperactivity and impotency among others.

buy phentermine without prescription

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