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Provigil (Modafinil) is a popular medication offered for people who suffer sleepiness. It basically promotes wakefulness by affecting neurotransmitters (alert chemicals) in the brain. Finding Provigil online should not take much effort as there are many sites that retail the medication. However, it is important to note that not all suppliers guarantee safe products and there is a potential risk every time you buy Provigil online. Nonetheless, there are some reliable sources that offer genuine quality that is approved and safe for use. You can still find safe Provigil online although careful considerations must be made.


While you can buy Provigil for diverse purposes, it is mainly formulated to excessive sleepiness which can be a side effect of sleep apnea, shift-work sleep disorders and narcolepsy. If you have an allergic reaction such as skin rush when taking modafinil or armodafinil like Nuvigil, you should not take Provigil. This medication can cause severe skin rushes that call for treatment in a hospital. Seek medical attention immediately you surfer symptoms such as skin rashes and/or hives, mouth sores, blisters and peeling, fever, breathing difficulty, swallowing difficulty, swelling legs, skin yellowing, dark urine and swelling face.It is also important to inform you doctor if you have conditions such as angina (chest pains), heart problem, blood pressure medication subject, lung and liver disease or if you have a history of drug addiction. Since it acts on the central nervous system, it can impair reactions and thinking. Remember not to operate machinery within a short time of taking this medication.

How to buy Provigil online

Many people like online shopping and you can buy cheap Provigil from an online store. However, there are various risks involved in purchasing medical products online. The internet is home to many sub-standard suppliers and manufacturers who populate the market with cheap yet risky (potentially dangerous) products. Before buying the product, consult your doctor for full examination to prevent any complications. Follow the prescriptions strictly and never misuse Provigil. It is advisable to purchase this product from the official site of the manufacturer and other credible licensed distributors (IN THE USA). As a potent medication, that can cause addiction and reduce effectiveness of birth control drugs or lead to birth defects, much caution should be put into buying Provigil online.


Provigil is a renowned product approved to tackle sleep apnea and narcolepsy as well as sleep disorders caused by shift work. It should be restricted to these used and users must follow the doctor’s prescriptions very strictly. Misuse can lead to overdose and fatal death or addictions and severe withdrawal symptoms. Make sure you buy from trustworthy suppliers who can be held accountable for their offers.

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