Medical Services

  • Phoenix Weight Loss Clinic

    Medical Weight Loss Clinic Phoenix Metro

    Medically supervised programs putting your health and happiness at the center for achieving sustainable Weight Loss.

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  • thyroid hormone helping lose weight

    Thyroid Treatment Hypothyroidism

    Labs normal but still tired? Current doc not listening? We can help! Dr Maturo is an expert in thyroid disease treatment.

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  • hcg diet weight loss

    Hormone Replacement Therapy

    Hormone balancing and optimizing can help with sleep, increased energy, better metabolism and happier moods.

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  • HCG diet for men

    HCG Weight Loss Program

    We provide Improved, Safe and Individually Tailored hCG Programs for Medically Supervised Weight Loss purposes. This includes fat burning B12 Vitamin shots, nutrition guidance and much more.

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  • service-img-endo

    Endocrinology Treatment

    Maturo Medical Weight and Wellness is dedicated to providing integrative health care with a strong emphasis on state of the art endocrinology practices related to thyroid and hormone balancing.

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  • service-img-b12

    Fat Burner B12 Shots

    Adding an MIC slim shot or vitamin B12 injection to your weight loss program can help support metabolism, boost energy, assist in fat burning and help with liver fat flushing and detoxification.

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  • Doctor Maturo

    Northern Arizona

    Maturo Medical Wellness focuses on treating hormonal deficiencies and imbalances in Sedona and the Northern Arizona Region.  Dr Maturo is dedicated and passionate about optimizing your thyroid treatment and helping you get your thyroid levels to the point of feeling like yourself again. We know that finding a good practitioner who will properly treat your […]

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