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How Medically Supervised Weight Loss Works

consult with doctor to lose weightWe offer medically supervised weight loss programs with customized protocols that focus on blood sugar balancing, developing healthy eating habits and lifestyle modifications that lead to a happier and healthier way of life.  We strive to help patients learn to love a healthy active lifestyle with creative recipes in our exclusive guidebook. We also help patients in the second phase of sustained weight loss by addressing subconscious eating patterns with the help of hypnotherapy.

At our practice you can receive nutrient injectibles to support any program, such as B12 and MIC/Fat Burner shots, which contain methionine, inositol and choline to help with optimizing metabolism.  The start of any program will include an assessment on our advanced body composition analyzer, which will measure your body fat percentage and muscle mass for your starting point, and then at the end of the program we will re-measure those values to see the body composition changes.

In order to best address your individual needs, a personal health history will be taken and all of our programs include a consultation with Dr. Maturo which may include hormone testing if if she feels it is indicated to rule out any underlying hormonal issues that may cause weight loss resistance. Our programs also may include metabolism booster or appetite suppressant supplements or prescriptions, depending on the individual patient’s needs. Our weekly weigh-in and coaching visits help you stay on track and give you ongoing support and weight loss help week to week. You will also receive our exclusive weight loss guidebook with recipes specially designed to help you balance blood sugar, burn fat and drop the pounds!Through blood sugar balancing, hormone balancing, appetite suppression, and by improving overall metabolism and energy with B12 shots and fat burner injections, along with addressing eating patterns through counseling and hypnosis,  we have created a complete program for losing weight and keeping it off!

Our weight loss eating plans are designed to help you develop healthy habits that will not only aid you in losing weight, but in keeping it off after you have finished. Educating and empowering patients to make smart and practical decisions regarding nutrition, metabolism, and fat loss is our focus on the programs and we strive to empower patients to make healthy choices that will result in sustained weight loss and long term success.


Hypnosis for Sustained Weight Loss Success:  Shift4Success Program

JulieHolbrookJulie Holbrook is here at our practice now offering Hypnosis and Nutritional Counseling.  Here is a little about her journey, in her own words:
Having healed my 35 year struggle with emotional and binge eating and 20 years as a bulimic, it has been my greatest joy working with clients the past 11 years with similar issues. During my tenure with my clients, I noticed a growing trend in my peri-menopausal, menopausal and post menopausal clients: their eating issues were eliminated; however, their energy and weight loss was not not improving as it should with their food and lifestyle shifts. When the weight loss and energy does not improve within this age bracket, it is typically due to hormonal imbalances. I would always recommend they consult a thyroid and hormone specialist.When my own symptoms of thyroid and hormonal imbalance surfaced as I approached menopause, it was obvious to me that I take my own advice! I read the Suzanne Summer’s book, “I’m too young for this,” and began “checking off the boxes” of my own symptoms. It was obvious that I needed to find an expert to fully diagnose and treat me. I am so incredibly grateful to have found Dr. Lisa through the Practitioner Guide in the book. I wanted to find someone that followed the same training and credentials.After my first meeting with Dr. Lisa and her team, I knew I was in the right place. She took the time to explain my issues and got me going quickly with natural treatment plan to begin balancing out my thyroid and hormones. Within several weeks, I began feeling the difference. It was incredible! Since I was no longer an emotional or binge eater, the effects were felt much quicker within my own body. Even if we diagnosis a thyroid or hormone imbalance, if we still have unhealthy food habits, the effects are not as dramatic or noticeable and weight loss may not occur.That is where my expertise comes in! I am truly honored to be a part of the Maturo Medical Weight and Wellness Team. This is a place where you truly can heal the body and mind together, once and for all, with a result-oriented and systematic approach for both men and women. I look forward to being a part of your wellness journey!


More on the food and eating issues Julie treats:

Do you struggle with binging, overeating, emotional eating, habit or boredom eating, yo-yo dieting, or continually make unhealthy food choices? Do you feel addicted to sugar or carbs? Do you struggle to maintain your weight?

If you answered “YES” to one or more, they are all fixable with our process!

The process incorporates:

  • Behavior modification
  • Nutrition, exercise & lifestyle counseling
  • Hypnotherapy

Allowing for sustained weight loss and creating the healthy lifestyle YOU desire! Each client has a process that is created just for them and is results-oriented.


What is hypnosis?

Do any of these sound familiar to you?   “Eating Healthy is just too much work”  “Exercise is boring”.  “I’m addicted to sugar…I just have to have it”.  “Losing weight means eating carrots and dry chicken breasts”.  Probably at least one of them does if you have had the “battle” of unsuccessful diets.  We call these unhealthy patterns.  Regardless of what diet we are on, if we still have unhealthy patterns “playing” in our subconscious mind, we will go back to the old patterns once we are “off” the diet.  Until we shift to healthy patterns and habits, we will never achieve sustained weight loss.

The logical part of our mind says, “I get it”; I know what I need to do; however, the subconscious continues to revert to the old patterns. The key to permanent weight loss is for the logical part of the mind and the subconscious part of the mind to work together instead of sabotaging one another.  How do we accomplish this?  Use Hypnosis as a part of a weight loss process.  We can release unhealthy and limiting thoughts, patterns and “learn” new and healthy ones AND create those healthy patterns in our subconscious mind through hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a temporary, altered state of consciousness…similar to reading a good book and not being aware of any noise around you. Hypnosis is also known as visualization, deep relaxation, guided imagery, or deep breathing. The client is totally in control!

The subconscious mind is used to transform and heal any unhealthy thoughts, patterns and behaviors we may have. Through hypnosis, you tap into this incredibly powerful part of your mind to make healthy and positives changes for the lifestyle you desire. You are able to release limiting beliefs and change unhealthy habits and patterns to healthy ones so you can come to a peaceful place within yourself and release your excess weight…and keep it off.

To achieve sustained weight loss with healing an eating issue or addiction, typically 7-10 sessions along with creating healthy lifestyle patterns and understanding nutrition is the key. With hypnosis, we create the healthy lifestyle and lose our excess weight because it is what we “want” to do…not what we are “supposed to do”…and that is a nice balanced, peaceful place to be!

Hypnosis is also great for healing depression, anxiety, procrastination, lack of self-confidence, and perfectionism just to name a few!

Have you heard of Binge Eating Disorder? (B.E.D.)   It is not just overeating. It is a real medical condition that was formally recognized in 2013.   B.E.D. is the most common eating disorder among US adults.  So, if you think you might be struggling with the symptoms of B.E.D., know that you are not alone.  B.E.D. can be diagnosed only by a health care provider, and only when specific criteria are met.

For more information or FREE Assessment call Julie at 480 818-8186 and visit her website, www.shift4success.com


Support Any Weight Loss Program with B12 Shots & MIC “Fat Burner” Slim Shot Injections


479px-CobalaminAdding an MIC slim shot or vitamin B12 injection to your weight loss program can help support metabolism, boost energy, assist in fat burning and help with liver fat flushing and detoxification. What’s not to like? We all want to accelerate weight loss and have more energy!

B12 helps metabolize fats, proteins and carbohydrates into glucose, leading to pronounced energy spikes and increases in the speed of metabolism, factors which help in weight loss.  Coupled with the additional energy you will have, your new found weight loss may also encourage you to exercise more–leading to improved heart health. As you can see, the potential benefits of B12 are for supporting overall energy and metabolism is substantial.

MIC Fat Burner Shots

MIC injections contain a formula of B Vitamins which help to metabolize fat and assist the liver in flushing fat and removing toxins from the body.


  • M stands for Methionine, an amino acid known to break down fat in the liver, reduce cholesterol, and reduce fatigue.
  • I stands for Inositol, a B-vitamin derivative known to help maintain healthy cell structures.
  • C stands for Choline, a nutrient which helps remove fat deposits from the liver and helps maintain the nervous system and memory. When combined with Inositol, choline also helps form lecithin which protects the body’s cardiovascular and liver detoxification systems.

Contact us for current specials on fat burner shots in Phoenix.  Maturo Medical serves Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and all surrounding areas.



  • Weight loss programs for men and women
  • Customized diet plans
  • Hormone testing
  • BioIdentical Hormone replacement therapy
  • Thyroid testing
  • B12 injections
  • Fat Burner injections
  • Hypnosis for Sustained Weight Loss

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